The Tarasin are a tribal species of reptilian humanoids with a rich oral tradition. Most tribes are small (only a few dozen Tarasin) and are led by a chieftain, usually the second eldest female in the tribe. They refer to the eldest female in the tribe simply as “Mother” and hold her up as a model of perfection.

Personality: Calm, communal, curious, fiercely protective of their world and its resources. Tarasin rarely get violently angry unless their tribes or their world is threatened.

Physical Description: Reptilian humanoids, the average Tarasin stands about 1.6 to 1.7 meters tall. A Tarasin’s body is covered in translucent scales; the skin beneath the scales changes color. When frightened or angry, a multicolored “fan” of thin, scaly flesh spreads out around a Tarasin’s head.

Tarasin Home World: Cularin is a tropical rainforest world.

Language: Tarasin speak their own language, Tarasinese. Their hunters also use a silent form of communication that relies on their color-changing skin.

Names: Dariana, Sa’Alana, Ta’Sen

Adventurers: Most Tarasin adventurers are curious about offworlders and new traditions. Tarasin fringers and scouts are very common, and there is a growing number of Tarasin taking up the tradition of the Jedi. Tarasin Force users prefer the Force Adept class; many Tarasin with this class serve as religious leaders.

Tarasin Species Traits
•+2 Intelligence, -2 Strength. Tarasin are smart, but not very physically powerful.
•Medium-size. As Medium-size creatures, Tarasin have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
•Tarasin base speed is 10 meters.
•+4 species bonus to Fortitude saving throws versus heat hazards. The scales of a Tarasin protect it from the temperature extremes of its world.
•+4 species bonus to Hide checks. The Tarasin’s color-changing scales grant it limited camouflage abilities.
•+2 species bonus to See Force checks. The Tarasin can sense the Force via a set of quill-like whiskers that run along the back of their forearms. Tarasin Force characters with the requisite feats gain this bonus; Tarasin characters with no Force classes cannot make use of this bonus.
•Silent communication. The Tarasin’s color-changing scales allow it to communicate silently with any other Tarasin within 10 meters. Members of other species who learn to interpret this language (by spending the requisite skill points) may understand it, but can never “speak” it.
•-2 penalty to Bluff checks. The Tarasin’s color-changing scales, as well as the multicolored fan, make hiding emotions difficult for a Tarasin.


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