Lanius Qel-Bertuk

Jedi Master of the Almas Academy


Male Human Jedi Consular

Lanius, the Jedi Master in charge of the Almas Academy, is a middle-aged man with smile lines around his eyes. His friendly face sports a salt-and-pepper moustache, as well as a burn scar on his left cheek. He has ice-blue eyes and raven-black hair, and is missing the third finger of his left hand.


As a young student, he arrived at the Jedi temple on Coruscant full of dreams of what he would achieve. Most of these notions had been fueled by popular stories. He found, as most Jedi do, that reality differs greatly from the legends. Finding that he favored the knowledge-based Force arts, he pursued the path of diplomacy. His life took a different turn when his master, the Twi’lek Jedi Nerra Ziveri, took him to Almas to build a new Jedi school. This exposure showed him his talent for teaching students, and he quickly became one of the best-liked instructors at the new academy. During this time, he also learned more about using the Force to probe the future. Yoda once commented on his strong discernment ability when visiting the academy. When Ziveri left the system, Lanius took his place as headmaster, as well as being the chief observer of the Sith fortress on the other side of the planet.

Lanius is friendly, if distant. He has a phenomenal memory, greeting by name every Jedi visiting, attending, or returning to the academy. He does not look people in the face; instead, he wanders around while absently tugging at his beard or muttering. His mind remains sharp, but he cannot focus because of constant distractions from the disturbances he senses. Some have begun to wonder if he is mentally stable. He is, but he also has a strong alliance with the Force. He sensed the disturbance a year before it became noticeable to anyone else, and it continues to distract him.

Because of the disturbances, he has spent more and more time in his meditation chambers trying to see clearly. As a result, his students have suffered. He knows this and feels guilt, but also senses that finding the source of the disturbance is a greater calling.

Lanius Qel-Bertuk

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