Wookiee Jedi instructor from the Almas Academy


Male Wookiee Jedi Guardian.

Kirlocca’s colouring is predominately dark, but parts of his face and arms have lighter brown fur.


Kirlocca, a Wookiee Jedi, came to the Almas Academy when he was young, but he was already older than most students, even for the Almas Academy. Fortunately, his talent with the Force was strong, and Ziveri accepted him immediately. He was the last pupil Ziveri accepted to the school before he disappeared. Kirlocca, feeling deeply greatful, worked hard to prove himself worthy of Ziveri’s trust, even after Ziveri was gone. Pursuing the path of the guardians, Kirlocca became one of the foremost masters of lightsaber technique. His natural Wookiee reflexes and strength, honed by the Force, make him nearly unbeatable. Kirlocca teaches lightsaber technique at the academy. He also helps with basic Force exercises and oversees certain aspects of the Jedi Trials.

Normally kind-hearted, Kirlocca hides a ferocity that comes out when he fights. Students can expect him to answer questions with simple yet baffling answers or a shake of his furry head. He possesses a great deal of wisdom, but has decided that the best way to impart what he knows is through martial training. He teaches young Jedi to harness their energies through the fluid art of the lightsaber. He does not howl or shriek when he fights; he has long since abandoned the Wookiee war cries. Instead, he moves in combat with an eerie silence. He also refuses to draw on his Wookiee rage – he feels that giving in would invite the dark side. A strong Jedi, he will not hesitate to kill anyone who violates what he sees as the will of the Force.


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