Star Wars – Among the Stars

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….

Lanius sitting

“I sense a great disturbance in the Force. It comes from the Jedi academy on Almas. I stretch out with my mind into the Cularin system, but I cannot find the source of my distress. It is a haze, a mist that shifts and disperses when I come too close. Somewhere out there, a great evil is growing. Soon it will threaten my students, and possibly even this academy. If we are not prepared, it may threaten much more.

“Cularin attracts a lot of interest from outsiders. Tibanna and irolunn gas, rare woods, ch’hala trees, and various crystals are all valuable commodities here. The Republic government, the Metatheran Trading Cartel, the so-called Smuggler Confederation, and many honest (and dishonest) merchants flock to the system like mynocks to a ship’s hull. In their wake come explorers, bounty hunters, fringers hoping to make their fortunes, gamblers, exiled politicians from other systems – everything the galaxy has to offer. The system’s main planet, Cularin, serves as a base for many of these interests, as well as a home to the system’s native sentient species, the Tarasin. Genarius, a planetary gas giant, harbors huge floating cities that mine gas, manufacture technology, offer gambling, and entice with other entertainment. The asteroid belt hides smugglers, pirates, rogue Jedi, and even a few honest beings who just want privacy. Even the moons hold life, supporting many commercial operations. Unfortunately, with 10 million beings living on the system’s three main planets and seven moons, evil finds plenty of places to find.

“The Force is strong here. The ancient Sith knew this well. A half-buried fortress on the desert side of Almas stands as a mute testament to their interest in the system over a thousand years ago. The Tarasin have a natural ability with the Force that I have only begun to understand. One of the moons provides excellent crystals for lightsabers – the crystals have drawn Jedi here for decades. The natural strength of the Force is the reason my predecessor, Nerra Ziveri, came here to build a new Jedi academy. That, and the need to keep a watchful eye on the Sith fortress. The dark side is strong there, very strong. But I feel the dark side elsewhere in the system, too. Weaker, but still present. It is as if evil has been sleeping here for centuries, ever since the Sith left. Now something, or someone, is stirring it to consciousness.

“The future of this system is hard to see. Even Yoda cannot predict what is to come. I have tried and failed, sometimes investing more effort in worrying about the future than minding the living Force embodied in my students. Yet I must prepare them, and through them, all beings who live here. The coming days will be dark, and difficult to survive. We will need the Force to triumph.”

- Jedi Master Lanius Qel-Bertuk

Star Wars - Among the Stars

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